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We are excited to announce that we have acquired a second practice location, Advanced Eyecare, located in Eldridge, Iowa; where we reside.

We want to share the news of this exciting adventure with you and reassure that no changes will be made to the care received to our loyal Bettendorf patients.

While both Aaron and I will provide eyecare in Eldridge, we will continue to see patients in the Bettendorf office with our schedules altered to provide care in both locations. We are also in the process of hiring an associate to provide the same care you have previously and will continue to receive.

We are asking for a favor from our current Eldridge patients that currently are being seen in our Bettendorf location; although we look forward to seeing you at your most convenient location, Eldridge or Bettendorf, we ask that you do not switch locations immediately to our Eldridge location if you will be using Medical or Vision insurance for your services. Most insurances require a credentialing process for providers and as confusing as it may be, we may not be a covered provider for your insurance at the new location for a 90-120 day period. With this we ask that you continue to see us at our Bettendorf location until approximately November 2018. Changing locations prior to this date may require payment in full for services.


New Bettendorf location Doctor Hours:


Monday: Dr Ammie and Dr Aaron alternate Mondays, no change

Tuesday: Dr Aaron will be seeing patients all day at the Bettendorf location

Wednesday: Dr Aaron will see patients all day;  Dr Ammie will see patients in the mornings only

Thursday: Dr Aaron will see patients all day;  Dr Ammie will see patients in the morning only

Friday: Dr Aaron and Dr Ammie alternate Fridays, no change


Thank you for trusting us with your eye health needs.



Dr Ammie Chizek O.D.

Dr Aaron Chizek O.D.